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Thank You

Okay, I’m getting this in now, while I can, while I’m thinking about it, before I explode, and before the next 18 to 26 years when I expect to misplace my brain and become a barely-literate, half-asleep zombie person. THANK YOU. Thank you to friends and family who have been there for us as we […]

I Just Aged 40 Years In Two Months

As chronic relocators, Dave and I have lived on a fair number of heavily traveled roads. This might sound like I’m being¬†philosophical, but I’m not. I’m actually talking about busy streets with lots of cars. Not Robert Frost or some other type of thing I read in high school. We are in such a place […]

Little Kids Are Super Evil

Last week, I met a friend and her 18 month old, Roxy, at a kid-friendly coffee shop/play place. There was a smattering of people quietly sitting with lap tops or drinking coffee. But for the most part, the place was dominated by parents and young children. There was a corral filled with books and toys, […]

If You Are My Friend, You Will Do This For Me

Okay, right. So, babies on the way. Are you tired of me yakking about this yet? Are you tired of all the baby bullcrap? Are you worried I’m going to slip into a parent stupor where all I can talk about is our precious little snowflakes and the adorable poopies they make? Really, I am […]

I’m Bored With The Internet

How is it even possible? How can someone get bored by the internet? IT’S THE INTERNET. There are cat videos. I just googled “cat video” right now and there were¬†1,890,000,000 results. Are there even that many cats on the planet? December is busy, even when I’m trying my damnedest not to be busy. And somehow, […]