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Quiet Please

Do you ever wish you were a quiet little bunny? And you lived in a wonderful forest full of flowers and grass and cute, happy, friendly animals? And it was warm, and sunny, and beautiful all the time? And all the little animals all got along okay? All you needed to do all day was […]

I Can See My Age From Here

Here’s an actual real, post, instead of a repost during NaNoWriMo. Because this actually happened. Okay, so I’m not going to moan about getting old. I don’t feel old except I’m flabby and out of shape (which I would gladly complain about if it weren’t my own damned fault). And I wouldn’t want to go […]

Returning To The Library

I visited my hometown library a lot as a kid. During the summers, I rode my bike to the local “town pool.” We had a number of lovely ponds and lakes in my hometown, but they were out in the woods. The “town pool” was a brook that was seasonally stopped up by a dam […]

Misshapen Crochet Projects As A Weak Ass Metaphor For Life In General

I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for a couple of years. Wait, wait, before you leave, this isn’t just a post about a crochet blanket. There’s some deep fricken insight coming up. Right. So, as with many big crochet projects, I started and stopped a couple times before I settled on a pattern and […]

Joy, Joy, Joy

After our weekend in Portland, going to Oktoberfest and Polish Fest, I came to a realization. We saw lots of families and kids. And lots of babies. A whole lot of babies. But if you ever wanted to see the embodiment of pure,¬†unbridled¬†joy, get a look at a toddler’s face as she breaks away from […]