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Trimming The Weed Garden

Yesterday I woke up and felt like all things are possible. Does that ever happen to you? I don’t know why yesterday was different than most of my days, when I only feel like some things might be possible. I’m usually well acquainted with my limitations, fears and anxiety. My lack of focus. My¬†cynicism. My […]

I’m A Late Bloomer

My 20th high school reunion was this year. As you might imagine, I didn’t go. Some people have fond memories of high school. I’m not one of those people. I was a nerd. I was sort of smart, but I got shitty grades. I wasn’t ugly or missing any important pieces, but I was skinny […]

Thrifty Ninja Skills

As you may know, Dave and I quit our relatively well paying jobs earlier this year. We wouldn’t have been able to quit our jobs without a comfortable amount of savings. But we also reduced our expenses by paying off all our debt. And we cut back on buying stuff we don’t need. Moving to […]

All Is Right In The World

If we peer out the window of our apartment and crane our necks, we see the Astoria-Megler Bridge. We walk around a lot, and the bridge is ever present in our small town, even at a distance. At night, the red lights of the towers blink, blink, blink in the darkness. Silent, steadfast, high above […]

Here’s My Goddamned Happy List

I realized recently that I talk about My Goddamned Happy List all the time, but I never actually wrote it down. It’s mostly a mental list, but then it’s easy to forget what makes me happy, and then I’d be a walking existential crisis. And I know me, I’d probably start writing bad poetry. My […]