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Managing Happiness

Thanks, everyone for your comments and support about Dave and I quitting our jobs and moving to Astoria. We realize we are in a lucky and uncommon position to look at the rest of our lives stretched out ahead of us, and to be able to “pick” what we want to do. We’ve looked at […]

Old Lady Fro

Not long ago, I was out having lunch by myself. I sort of like dining out by myself once in a while. It makes me feel adult and mysterious. As I was sitting alone, I spent more time than usual looking around and watching other people. My eyes floated over to a middle aged woman […]

New Old Familiar

Today in Portland, it was one of the chilliest days yet this season. It was a deeper, stronger chill. This cold felt like the outskirts of winter. It was the first cold that was more than seeping or annoying or unpleasant. This chill had an edge. I needed to go for a quick walk today, […]

Where’s Your Bottom?

No, not your butt. Where do you hit bottom? Where do you hit bottom and decide you’ve had enough? Enough of whatever. Usually work, but it can be anything. School, a sour relationship, housework, an evil boss. At what point do you decide that the pain of your current routine no longer outweighs the fear […]

The Non-Virtue of Being “Busy”

I have a problem with the notion of being “busy.” You hear me? A problem. We are all very busy, all the time. We have obligations, we have places to be, we have stuff that needs our attention. We are all this way, and we manage, to a certain degree. We go about our days. […]