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Trying Not To Fill The Space

So we’ve spent a year or so downsizing. Which is like, forever. We got rid of a ton of stuff we didn’t need. With less stuff, we could fit into smaller spaces and pay cheaper rent. With less stuff, we had fewer things to haul around every time we moved. We were focused. We were […]

Tell Me Again Why We Do This So Often?

When you pack boxes in 533 square feet of space, there’s no real place to put anything. We’ve had so little space that a lot of our stuff has stayed in boxes the whole time we’ve lived here. All four months. This is the fourth time I’ve moved in just over three years. It’s the […]

New Adventures in Frugality

You know what? Kitty litter shouldn’t goddamn cost $20. It’s sand meant to be shit on. It may have perfume, and it might have blue crystals in it, but it shouldn’t be goddamned $20 for an 8 pound bag. We are just days away from no longer having regular income. Can you tell I’m a […]

Wanting Some Space

This is sort of like Chapter Two of the post I wrote the other day about Wanting to Settle. We are in a period of big transitions and interesting opportunities. In addition to being excited, and trying to keep a lid on my freakoutishness, I have been trying to observe what thoughts are popping into […]

Wanting to Settle

In the past few weeks, I have come upon a sudden and urgent desire to plant a garden. I woke up one morning, dreaming of growing herbs and vegetables. The feeling came like lightning out of the blue, and has been nagging my brain. I imagine if I were religious, I’d take it as a […]