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Moving Briskly Along

It didn’t occur to me that moving into an apartment without closets would make me have to “deal with” the copious amounts of crap that I have accumulated. My last apartment had a closet the size of a garage. So I had plenty of boxes that I shoved into a corner and dismissed. I would […]

Think They’ll Sell?

A Couch That Will Teach Your Ass A Lesson – $30 (SE) We’re not trying to fool anyone here. This is the entry level of cheap Ikea couches, The Solsta. This couch was not designed as a relaxing piece of furniture. It is as comfortable as a church pew. This is a good couch if […]

Instead Of Going To The Zoo…

We had a grand plan to go to the zoo this weekend to see this guy. It’s clear and sunny and it seems like it would be a perfect weekend to go to see baby animals. Except that it’s super windy with a chance of wind and frequent gales of wind.  It’s gusting to 134 […]