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On Not Feeding The Trolls

I don’t get a lot of trolls. I get maybe one or two troll comments a YEAR. So like, none, practically. And I do get trolls, they are usually drive by comments, people who find my blog randomly while searching for something. Like Mighty Putty, or Boob Fund Jars, or (almost) Failing DMV Tests, or […]

Humanity on Wheels: Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Please come to this thing we’re doing tonight and listen to us tell stories and stuff. It’s going to be fricken awesome.

Two Words.

TWO BOYS. Holy shit.

Quiet Please

Do you ever wish you were a quiet little bunny? And you lived in a wonderful forest full of flowers and grass and cute, happy, friendly animals? And it was warm, and sunny, and beautiful all the time? And all the little animals all got along okay? All you needed to do all day was […]

Saving Socks, And Also: Why I Must Be A Loony

Okay, so socks. Love em, right? I love socks. I wear them around the house. I wear them to bed. I have specific socks that are better for walking. I have probably 40 pairs of socks and it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Why? Because I also have shitty socks. I have socks I don’t […]