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Here’s My Goddamned Happy List

I realized recently that I talk about My Goddamned Happy List all the time, but I never actually wrote it down. It’s mostly a mental list, but then it’s easy to forget what makes me happy, and then I’d be a walking existential crisis. And I know me, I’d probably start writing bad poetry. My […]

Foot Detoxes Are Bullcrap

I’m a bit of a skeptic. I’m a raging skeptic, actually. I have a pretty low tolerance for foofery, fairy tales, traditional bullcrap, new agey bullcrap or ancient bullcrap. I don’t mind folks who are into it, since 90% of people who really believe in something are well intentioned and downright pleasant. Some people do […]

Lobster Is Creepy

So. I’m not the most adventurous eater. I’m getting to be more of an adult about food all the time, but I’m working from a legacy of picky eating. My mom was a great cook growing up, but New England isn’t really a garden of exotic culinary delights. The “ethnic” restaurants nearby were Italian and […]

My Interpretation Of A Troll

I used to think trolls were sort of a universal archetype, like all the troll comments in the history of trolling were all sort of done by the same “universal person.” That’s why they sound the same, and why they are often quite predictable. It’s some sort of transcendental stupidity and nastiness that reveals itself […]

It’s My Hahritage and My Cultcha

We were out with some lovely new friends the other night. One new friend had grown up on the west coast, but had spent some time working in Maine. I’m from Massachusetts, and vacationed quite a bit in Maine as a child, so I was curious to hear about his time up there. He also […]