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Happy Two Years Old, Boys

Before… Don’t touch the candles, guys. Cupcake pandemonium. The aftermath. I think they like cupcakes. The cleanup. Little clean beans. Two years old! Little boys, you have changed our lives. Happy birthday, sweetie poops.

My Guys

Quick Trip To The Old Country

This week, we’re off to the east coast, the land of my ancestors. I haven’t been back since 2007. This time, I’m bringing a husband and two babies to meet my grandparents, who are in their 90s. My grandfather is 95. They are also meeting aunts, uncles and lots of cousins. They all have curious […]

Boys, Let Me Handle This

This past weekend, my sister and her family visited for a belated holiday gathering. And the cousins were reunited. Elli is a few months older than our guys, plus Cask and Loyal were five weeks early. So they are not quite as advanced as their cousin. Having Elli visit means we got to see where […]

Ka-Pow! New Oregon Residents Up In Here

My mom first came to visit her new grandsons at the beginning of August. When she went back home to California, she casually mentioned to my dad that she wouldn’t be opposed to moving to Oregon. My dad called me up and demanded to know: “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Then my dad came for a […]