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Accountants’ Inferno

Somehow both my sister and I are accountants. We don’t know how this happened. She is equally creative as I am, if not more so. I have a degree in literature and humanities. She has a degree in studio art. She is certainly a better painter that I am, though as we have observed, this […]

First Hero to Visit PDX

Yesterday, my dad arrived with a Dodge Durango filled with boxes of my crap. He rented the Durango in LA and drove 1000 miles to bring me my stuff. Then we hauled 20 boxes up two and a half flights of stairs. Most of those boxes were filled with nice, heavy books. I wasn’t a […]

Today is My Sister’s Birthday

Isn’t she cute? Look at these two. Isn’t he fabulous? I haven’t met my husband yet, but he already hates this guy. If these two beautiful people procreate, they will make children so adorable, it will cause explosions and implosions and black holes in the space-time continuum and we’re all going to JUST DIE. I […]

Dinner and a Movie

I went out on a date tonight. With my Mom and Dad. My Mom used me as leverage to go see I Am Legend, since my Dad didn’t want to see it. My Dad doesn’t care to to see movies where things jump out at you. Mom likes Will Smith. I didn’t care one way […]

Not Leaving on Jan 10

I caught a cold. I can’t move to Portland with a cold. I’m at my Mom and Dad’s place, eating chicken soup, and letting all the pets pig-pile on top of me. A large, stinky, wet-nosed, mouth-breathing pig-pile.