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New Mommies

My sister just had a baby. She had a baby girl. I am about to have two boys. A whole new world of parental discovery stretches before us like a glittering sunrise.  

What A Wonderful World

Here’s why. I get emails in my inbox like this, from my sister. “I’m a Duck!” Gah. Just, stop it already. I’m 1000 miles away! I am 1000 miles away from the cutest baby on the planet! But my world is a little brighter, knowing she is here, with her tractor beam of cuteness. Thank […]

Waiting For The Crazy Lady To Somehow Crash The Plane

I flew down to southern California to meet my new niece. Here she is. Cutest thing ever, right? Holy crap, this kid is cute. In this photo, she’s about to get a bath. I took the trip because obviously, I needed to go eat the cute little baby, but also because I don’t know when […]

New Little Dumpling In The Family

My beautiful sister had a baby this weekend. Elliana. 6lb, 12 oz, 19 1/2″ inches, born Friday April 27 at 11:54am. My parents visited, of course, and they debated on picking up a gift they saw in the hospital gift shop. My dad couldn’t resist. He got a five foot, three inch bear for the […]

Someone Is Excited To Be A Gramma

We got a bunch of packages from California this week. My mom had taken me shopping while I was visiting. There was so many baby clothes, little socks, cute little onesies, soft PJs, I am sure the plane would have crashed if I tried to take it all with me.