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Multnomah County Fair: Bunnies

Despite growing up in a rural Massachusetts town, I don’t remember going to a lot of county fairs. I don’t think I went to any, actually. They had some in New Hampshire. I didn’t really comprehended what a true county fair was until I dated someone from Iowa, who spoke of county fairs as epic […]

Tulip Fest 2010

We had been planning for weeks to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest. Today was the last day. We’re not procrastinators. We’re not! Okay, we are, but at least we actually went. This post is going to take a while to load, because I put the photos in all super huge and big, for […]

A Night At The Polish Fest

Wisely, we opted not to plan any other obligations this weekend except to go to the Oktoberfest and the Polish Fest. We spent our Saturday lounging in our PJs into the wee hours of the afternoon. We decided to head over to Interstate Ave towards evening with the hope that *maybe* the crowds might be […]

A Night at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest at Oaks Park. We have been looking forward to this since last year’s visit. Because we like accordions, schnitzel, and wiener dogs and beer. We decided to start early and go Friday night after work. It was a lovely evening. We got beer, we got food, and we sat down near the wiener dog […]

Back In Portland! Belmont Street Fair!

We are back in cool, green Portland from the wilds of the high desert cowboy country and boy, our nasal passages couldn’t be happier. I have a write up of our trip in the works. In the meantime! Saturday it is guaranteed to be hot and sweltery, and we will be out at the Belmont […]