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Scary Soup Adventures: Phantom Mushroom

For lunch today, I had leftover homemade tortilla soup made by Kitchen Ninja: Dave Knows. The soup was delicious. However. In my soup, I seemed to find an errant mushroom. I don’t know where it came from. The chicken broth was made from scratch, and there were no mushrooms involved. We roasted the chicken ourselves. […]

Evidently, I’m Lucky To Be Alive

I was talking to a woman at work about how I arrived in town. She’s a life long resident of Portland. I told her it took about a week for me to get an apartment, and how I stayed at a scuzzy hotel. She asked which one, and I told her I had stayed at […]

Do Something Everyday that Scares the Everliving Crap Out of You

Not so scary: Run an errand for work. I was told I didn’t need to drive my car into work, they’d lend me a vehicle. No problem. Here begins the scary part: 1. Brand new job. Don’t crash vehicle. 2. They hand me the keys to a giant utility van. 3. I get in, and […]