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The Birth Story, Chapter One

I’m going to start writing the twins’ “birth story,” because that is something I am supposed to do. And also, because I have this blog for writing such things. And also, I play a fairly big part in the whole process. And boy, I sure do like writing about myself. I was really feeling pretty […]

Nursery Preparations

We have a room in our apartment we have been calling “the boys’ room.” In the beginning, it was a free-for-all room for us to throw junk into. Then, it became Dave’s early morning changing room, so that he could get ready for work. And more importantly, he could make as big a mess as […]

Adding To The Innumerable Indignities

Pregnancy, yo. I still has it. I’m at 33 weeks. Last week, we had a sort of scary day with extra contractions. Everything turned out fine. It’s not uncommon to have freak out days, especially with twins. It happens. The good thing, is that we *could* have the babies right now, and they would probably […]

“We’re Going To Have These Babies Tonight, Aren’t We?”

That was Dave, sitting across from me at dinner, as he choked down a stiff drink. He nervously watched me tap a contraction timer on my phone. Contractions were coming less than every five minutes, and they were lasting a minute or longer. This had been going on for a while, maybe over an hour. […]

Some Preggo Updates: Week 31

I still get people saying I’m not showing so much, especially for twins. Really? Can we talk about this? My belly button is still, just barely, pointing inward. It’s like watching someone inflate a balloon. They just keep going and going, and you see the balloon stretch, and you know that balloons can only get […]