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Semantic Debates

I’m helping a friend redecorate his apartment. And by “redecorate,” I mean, “suggest remotely from 1000 miles away.” And by “helping” I mean, “encouraging.” Which means, “prod unceasingly until my calls are no longer answered.” A small amount of confusion resulted from my interchangeable use of “rug” and “carpet.” If it’s wall-to-wall, I understand it’s […]

Someone I Know REALLY Likes Salad

One of the absolute best ways to get to know someone is to live with them. I’m in my mid thirties, and I’ve had a fair number of roommates, all with varying levels of craziness. Many of my former roommates probably thought I was the crazy one. I get touchy when people disturb the sleeping […]

Driving Topless

It was a super clear, sunny day here in Portland. I had previously demanded that my neighbor take me for a spin in his convertible. And today he knocked on my door. And we went for a spin. We drove up through the stately neighborhood of Kings Heights to Council Crest, the highest point in […]

For The Love Of Polar Fleece

I was having a beer the other night with a group of new friends. Yes. Beer. I was drinking a beer. Or at least I was trying. It’s been wellspring of personal shame and embarrassment that I never “got into” beer. I never acquired the taste. And being from New England and having gone to […]

The Male Species, Perfected

Just now I was running down the stairs (four flights) to switch out my laundry. I ran into one of my cutie-pie gay neighbors from down the hall. He explained that he was working on the car he just bought, a white ’88 BMW 325i convertible. I had seen this car around and it made […]