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Odd tOdd

Have you been to this website? Odd Todd If you haven’t been there, you should go. This guy has built an empire from making funny cartoons about being laid off. He’s published a book, and I think he’s working on getting a show in the works. Also, his blog posts are milk-out-the-nose funny. He eats […]

An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter II

You can find Chapter One of “An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas” here. Yesterday, I went for a drive up the coast with my new friend Dave, the Guy Who Knows Portland. He also has a blog that you should visit, especially if you like beer, or if you want to learn the goings-on […]

Fun Game

This conversation occurred between Keiko and me while we pulled into a parking space at the Ralph’s in Culver City. Keiko says, “Okay. You have to decide, right now, which car you would rather drive. And you can’t sell it. And you actually have to drive this car everyday.” The tone of delight in her […]