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Here’s How You Get Hitched in Astoria, Oregon.

It Was A Nice Day, Except for The Little Shit Who Stole My Three Dollars

We had a lovely, wonderful first weekend back in Portland. We are still in the process of figuring out where everything “fits” in our new place and our 1950s kitchen. Our apartment in Astoria was so huge, and the kitchen was so enormous, we are having to squeeze back down in a deliberate and thoughtful […]

A Slow Moment In The Chaos

At the beginning of this week, I was running around Astoria like a nut, making the final push before we had movers come to take our worldly belongings back to Portland. It happens every time we move. Every damn time. I always think moving will not be such a big deal, it won’t be such […]

Did You Kiss Anyone Screening February 7th

Okay. Our friend Mike Vogel makes movies and stuff. He’s a funny guy and a fantastic writer, and he assembled a super talented cast and crew to make an original, all local film about “Marriage, sex, and shitting with the door open.” We blogged about being extras in the film two years ago. So it’s […]

Holiday Local Gift Challenge

I was thinking about all the hoopla surrounding Black Friday and “Cyber Monday,” (the word “cyber” should be stricken from the English language, in my honest opinion) and I, like many other overfed post Turkey Day smug assholes, did not buy anything. Much has been said about the sport shopping that takes place during the […]