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We have been so happy to host a string of visitors in the past week. However, we regret to inform our lovely guests that they have lost the Cute Visitor Contest. Perhaps they didn’t know there was a Cute Visitor Contest. It doesn’t matter now, because they lost. Hands down. This kid won.

Multiple Layers of Awesomeness

Have you ever tried to make money on Etsy? It’s not easy. I was talking to someone the other day about selling crafts on Etsy and she told me she’s made about $7.00 in four years. It’s hard to make money as a crafty person in ANY venue, never mind trying to make a living […]

Interview With A Monster Maker

We have monsters in our house. They came home with us from the Oregon State Fair, but they were born in SE Portland, where there is a full-on Monster Den. Did you know? Did you know there are monsters in SE Portland? Our uber crafty friend Lise makes them. We love our monsters, and I […]

Don’t Do Laundry While Very Very Very Tired

So this past week’s wedding preparations entailed a hair appointment for a trial-run, in which I left happy, but have since decided I want something totally different, because I think my hair stylist needs some excitement in her life. My lovely local friends threw a little bachelorette party for me, which I was not expecting. […]

Wedding Season 2010

You may remember me mentioning this, perhaps it has slipped your mind, and if that is the case, let me remind you that we have three very big, important weddings this year. THREE. One, two, three weddings. Big ones. A best friend’s wedding, a sister’s wedding and then our own wedding. This season has loomed […]