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Holy Crap! More Excitement!

Okay, you know me, and you know I don’t cuss a lot on this blog. Because potty mouth is the language of the inarticulate. But holy fucking shitballs this is an exciting week for friends with creative projects. First we have Mike “SNOW!” Vogel screening The Waiting List. Then our friend Devlyn allowed Dave and […]

Attention: This Is Pretty Awesome

You probably work at a job, right? Me too. But maybe you have creative ambitions also. Me too. Maybe you are even repressed and whiny. Me too! I try to work on my creative projects on the weekend, and after work. Whenever I can. Mostly when I’m not being lazy. So imagine you work a […]

Scenes from “Did You Kiss Anyone?”

Would you believe me if I said Mike Vogel (sorry, here) runs around, smacking his lips, smoking cigars, saying, “Kid, I’m gonna make you a star!” We could only hope! We recently had the privilege of visiting the set of Mike’s latest project, “Did You Kiss Anyone?” This is Bryce Flint-Somerville and Mercedes Rose between […]

Mt St Helens

My lovely friend Kelli visited from Redding, California for the weekend. She was giddy to find out that Mt St Helens was a short jaunt up the road from Portland. And it was looking to be a clear day. And I hadn’t been back since this trip almost two years ago. We checked the road […]

Well THAT Didn’t Last Long

I had tried to sign up for Facebook a couple years ago. When I signed up, a few people from my past instantly popped up out of nowhere and “friended” me. It was weird. These weren’t long lost friends, they were just people I knew. The type of people you make polite conversation with while […]