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Goddamned Inconsiderate Coworkers!

I just went to the restroom and discovered that I had a big brown dot of dried coffee right on the end of my nose. I finished my coffee hours ago! No one fricken told me! WTF! It was dark brown, perfectly round, and perfectly situated on the tip of my nose. Your imagination could […]

Fricken Hot Sunday Afternoon and Not Spending Money

It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s 137 degrees in northwest Portland. Know what I’m doing right now? Sitting in my apartment sweating. It’s supposed to be all green and cool and rainy up here. This hot weather is total bullcrap. Can we get on this global warming thing please? Okay? So I’m lamenting the slow, painful […]

Are You Fricken Kidding Me?

Photo taken while I waited for the streetcar this morning.

Evidence of Abuse

I may have taken part in this conversation recently: “I don’t really believe in getting into a relationship and trying to change the other person.” “Cool. Me too.” “I’ve seen guys turn into dick boyfriends who try to control their girlfriends and I just want you to know, that will never be me.” “Great.” “But […]

Someone Bring Me A Breakfast Sandwich!

Immediately! I’d love to be important and in charge. So I could have minions to do my bidding. And I could make unreasonable demands. And people had to do what I say. OR ELSE.