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Misshapen Crochet Projects As A Weak Ass Metaphor For Life In General

I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for a couple of years. Wait, wait, before you leave, this isn’t just a post about a crochet blanket. There’s some deep fricken insight coming up. Right. So, as with many big crochet projects, I started and stopped a couple times before I settled on a pattern and […]

Battle Of Impulse Purchases: Virtuous Yet Annoying Edition

When I go to the grocery store, I make a list of what we need. It has happened too many times where I go to the store for one specific thing, and I get all kinds of other crap, and forget my original item. I swear, someone could write an unfunny sitcom about me and […]

Travel Tuesday: Saddle Mountain

I’m going to do what I can to not swear during this post. My usual, natural inclination is to swear. I prefer to think of swearing as colorful intensifiers, not bleating inarticulateness. More often than not, I withhold curse words because they make me feel less dainty. Right. So, Saddle Mountain. It was on our list […]

Fun With Food Poisoning

I had a discussion not long ago about blogging and my hesitation to write about some topics. I twist and turn over some ideas, debating with myself if I should really spend the time to write about, say, buying a pillow, or hurling a conditioner bottle at my toe in the shower, or my husband […]

The Battle of Impulse Purchases: Sucky Pillow Edition

I have a pillow thing. I wrote about my pillow thing long ago. I wanted a pillow for my dainty head that wasn’t too soft, or wasn’t too firm, and didn’t give me headaches or neck kinks. I had a coupon for a big box home store, and I drove out to the goddamn suburbs […]