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A Dose of Perspective, And, I Need A Hug

I’m an anxious person by nature. It’s a pretty big, all-encompassing part of my life. I’m not good at compartmentalizing “worthy” anxiety, like “rent was due four days ago!” from “unworthy” anxiety, like NOT being made Employee of the Month. Forcrapsakealready. If I’m worried for a legitimate reason, it will spill into all the other […]

Women Ogle Too, You Know

I took the streetcar to work earlier this week. It takes slightly less time than it would take if I walked. The streetcar chugs along at traffic pace and stops every two blocks or so. It’s clean and practically sterile compared to other public transportation, and normally people smell pretty good. Since the streetcar is […]

Portland: A Newcomer’s 6 Month Review

As of July 21, I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 6 months. It was me and Portland’s six month anniversary. To celebrate, I had a bowl of sugary cereal for dinner and, because I had milk left over, I had cookies for dessert. I’m Livin’ La Vida Nine Year Old up here. I had […]

Despite Overwhelming Odds, I Passed My Personality Test

About five months ago, I was new to Portland, I didn’t know anyone, and didn’t have a job or an apartment. I was staying in a scary motel known for drug deals and murders, and was using free wifi at coffee shops. It took about a week to get an apartment and about a month […]

Undiagnosed Childhood Autism or Aspergers or Something

This is a story from my childhood that is related to camping. It is my mom’s favorite story to tell people we barely know. It’s extra effective because it embarrasses both me and my dad. Perfect for telling my dad’s coworkers at holiday parties, and any prom date I dared bring home. Mercifully, I had […]