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The Dumbest Way To Almost Break Your Toe

I think I could maybe write a whole blog about grocery store consumerism. I have some of my more profound insights about our society while shopping for noodles and kitty litter. I believe that being thoughtful in the grocery store is exactly what retailers don’t want. I think they want us softened up by the […]

A Little Less Of A Person

So. All my life I’ve been a fairly complete human being. Perhaps I am in the lifelong process of becoming “fully formed,” in a ethereal-wooy-bullcrap sort of way. But I am a “whole,” unspoiled, fully functional, mostly coherent human being. I’ve been responsible for myself since I left my parents’ house many, many years ago. […]

A Purely Hypothetical Question

Let me ask you a question. A purely hypothetical question. If you had, say, $20,000 to spend, what would you do with it? $20,000, free and clear, with no obligation. What would you do? Would you buy a car? Go on vacation? Put it towards buying property? Give it away? Take classes? Quit your job? […]

In Defense of Being Less Than Honest

Okay, so I’m not a liar. But I’m not obsessed about telling the truth. When I hear someone say they need to be honest, or they defend Honesty At All Costs, regardless of the consequences, I find myself suspicious of their motives. Honesty seems like a virtue in most possible scenarios. I agree, for what […]

Not New Simplicity

Every other month or so, Dave’s hair gets a little fuzzy, and we take a drive out to Aloha to Dave’s barber. He’s been going to the same barber for much of his life. Except for in the 1990s, Dave’s “lost decade,” when he had long hair, which he kept in a ponytail and he […]