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How to Become An A-List Blogger: Advice From a D-List Blogger

Did you know you can make money from blogging? You can! It’s not even that hard! You only need a few thousand page views to make a few pennies a day! Now, granted, there are superstar bloggers out there who have written books, and have gotten their own reality TV shows, all from writing a […]

I Tried to Quit My Job

I gave my notice at my job a few weeks ago. I sat across from my boss, took a deep breath, and told him I was leaving. Unlike a lot of people, I actually sort of like my job. I like my coworkers, the environment is nice, and my boss is a sweetie pie. I […]

If I Could Peek Inside My Own Brain

If I had the ability to pop the hood on my brain and run a few diagnostics, I’d like to know why I seem to give naysayers and trolls more credence than they are worth. Why do I understand that mentality so well? Why is it so familiar? Why do I hear that voice, and […]

Super Shiny, Red Blooded, Gas Powered Recreation On Wheels

Wow! Dave and I went to the Portland RV Show on Saturday! We were the youngest people there! Just imagine! I’d never heard of Louis Lake before. In fact, I still haven’t heard of it. But it got my checkbook fired up and ready for some hot recreational vehicle browsing. Some of these rigs were […]

Older. Smarter. Crankier.

Not long ago, Dave and I were in the car meandering over the roads of SE Portland, and we passed by the stately campus of Reed College. Dave went to Reed right out of high school. He said it was hard. Very hard. But in a good way. I wondered aloud how I would do […]