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Hot, Wild, Dream House Fantasies

Besides wanting more money, I don’t think I’m a materialistic person.  I find that if I get crabby or anxious or insecure, I can pretty much trace it back to not having a million dollars in my bank account.  Besides that, my life, on the whole, is quite grand. One way of distracting myself from […]

The Story of Re-Stupid

I, like other semi-literate mouth breathers, have occasionally used the word “retarded” when I actually mean something is “ill advised” or “not well planned.” I know this is horribly insensitive of me. Since I am no longer 13 years old, I make an effort not to use this word except for its actual meaning. It slips out […]

Here’s Why I’m Certifiable

Friday my company went to a ropes course for a team building event. I was assured by people I trusted that it was a lot of fun the last time they went.  When I say that I “trusted” them, it means that those people seemed equally (or less) athletic and adventurous than me. So I figured if […]

Almost Failed At The DMV

It would be much easier and probably advisable to keep my embarrassing stories to myself. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers me an unbelievable opportunity: Like a full scholarship to art school, or a fabulous job, or a position as Colin Meloy’s personal roadie. Or a pony. And then someone checks the […]

Back Cracks and God Whammy

I don’t have the greatest health insurance. My company offers higher-cost “lite” coverage for the first 6 months of employment. If you stick it out for 6 months, you get the better coverage. It’s a little suspect. I also don’t get vacation time for a YEAR. You know, because new hires shouldn’t need time off. […]