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Live Blogging: PDX International

It’s 6:30 am, Christmas Eve. I have an hour to wait for my flight. It’s snowing heavily, but so far, my plane is not delayed or canceled. The lines are suitably crazy for Christmas Eve, even before 6 am. I see some people curled up and sleeping on the floor in the terminal. The weather […]

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of I started writing this blog a year ago, when I was living on the Big Island of Hawaii. A year ago, my “PLAN A,” which was to open a coffee shop with some friends, was beginning to unravel. Financing was not developing as we had foreseen, and my […]

Morning Headline

And, wow: Spontaneous “Star Spangled Banner” breaks out in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon.

The Tools Needed to Watch an Election

At North 45 on NW 21st.  The place is a delight.  One of my favorites. It was pleasantly crowded with a spirited group who cheered when Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and Florida went blue.  And of course, when the whole west coast lit up, the place went crazy. There are cars honking, people cheering in the […]

Four Years Ago Today

I was among five who drank 12 bottles of wine by the end of the evening. Someone ended up with his head in the toilet. It was a sad, sad day. Here’s to a non-repeat performance! And to drinking bottles of wine in celebration! And NOT for dulling the pain with drunken stupor and planning to move […]