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Dave Knows: Birthday

It’s this guy’s birthday today. When I came to Portland, I didn’t know anyone. I knew the city only from a two day visit last December to determine if I could live here. I met Dave because I write this blog.  I was writing about moving to Portland, and wondering about living in the suburbs […]


This is how much of a sucky friend I am. I forgot to post birthday wishes for good friend and all-round swell guy, Sean. I totally fucking suck. His birthday was yesterday. I’m going to Los Angeles tomorrow for a weekend-long celebration. He’s OOOOLD. I won’t tell you exactly how old, but it starts with an […]

Portland: A Newcomer’s 6 Month Review

As of July 21, I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 6 months. It was me and Portland’s six month anniversary. To celebrate, I had a bowl of sugary cereal for dinner and, because I had milk left over, I had cookies for dessert. I’m Livin’ La Vida Nine Year Old up here. I had […]

The Floors At My Parents’ House: Cleaner Than Mine

I went “home” to Los Angeles for the long holiday weekend. How Los Angeles came to be known as “home” for our family is a funny story. It’s a story that my parents’ haven’t really forgiven me for. I’ve moved a few times, and they won’t quit following me around. So I’ve moved to Oregon, […]

Happy Father’s Day

There have been times in my life when I have discovered some fabulous secret that I desperately wanted to share with everyone I know. I’m not good at keeping secrets. I actually spend a good deal of time trying to recall little-known moments of embarrassment in my life so that I can make sure everyone […]