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Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, I was new in Portland, and I met a guy for a beer. Not to sound like a ridiculous cheesy cheeseball, but I was in a new city, I had just gotten a job, I had just moved into my own apartment and it felt like the world was full of possibility. […]

Our Boys Like To Eat

Ignore, if you can, my voice. This is the voice I use to talk to the babies. All day long. Every day. I imagine it will not be much longer before my voice is frozen like this and my “baby voice” becomes the only way I know how to speak. We are reading Baby Led […]

Twin Boys. Six Months. Holy Crap.

Since having babies, I always scrutinize other peoples’ babies to see how much bigger they are. We have friends with twin boys that are a month older than our guys. And I looked at their babies and thought, Our boys will never get that big! I saw monstrous chubby kids, drooling and smiling and screeching […]

Babies’ First Christmas

  This is our holiday card this year, which I am still sending out. At the rate I am going, they will be St Patricks’s Day cards. Please still act surprised when you open yours. Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for reading, and thank you for following along as these little guys grow. I […]

Two Years

Today is my two year anniversary of being married to Dave. We still like each other.¬†Being married to Dave is pretty awesome. But here’s the nutty thing: For each of our anniversaries, we could have never guessed at what the coming year would hold for us. Last year, we were jobless loafers taking a creative¬†sabbatical […]