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The Birth Story, Chapter Three

The Birth Story, Chapter One The Birth Story, Chapter Two “There she is,” someone said. I was awake. There was no passage of time. I was back in the operating room. I was freezing cold again. I wasn’t really awake, though. Someone was talking to me, telling me that everything went well, the boys were […]

The Birth Story, Chapter Two

The Birth Story, Chapter One I left my doctor’s office, sent some texts, and made a phone call to my parents to let them know the babies were coming that day. For some reason, they both happened to pick up the phone to answer it, so I was able to tell them both. It was […]

The Birth Story, Chapter One

I’m going to start writing the twins’ “birth story,” because that is something I am supposed to do. And also, because I have this blog for writing such things. And also, I play a fairly big part in the whole process. And boy, I sure do like writing about myself. I was really feeling pretty […]

Little Peanuts, Their Names and WTF Moments

Holy crap, babies are awesome. So is my husband. Dave has taken such good care of us all. I had a few days of being pretty helpless, and Dave did everything for me. This whole birthing thing has laid waste all my personal dignities. All different parts of my body have been hanging out, leaking, […]

They’re Here

Here they are, shortly after being evicted. In this photo, the boys are being held by the very nice hospital pediatrician and a lovely baby nurse. That’s Loyal Astor on the left, and Cascadian Donald on the right. We delivered in the operating room. I was put under general anethstesia, so I was out. Dave was […]