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Somewhat Daily Photo 1.16.12

Another shot from my first week in Portland in January of 2008. More on that over here. You, yes, YOU are wonderful!

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today, it was snowing as I drove north through Redding, California. I was driving up I-5, the spine of the west coast, on my way from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. I had a kitty in the passenger seat, and a car stuffed with boxes of clothes, camping gear, books and whatever […]

No, Again, On The Resolutions

Resolutions are bullcrap.¬†I’m just going to get that out there. New years resolutions may have been a good idea at one point. It’s nice to slow down and be reflective. It’s a good idea to take inventory and make adjustments, or set some goals, or reevaluate our¬†trajectories. These are all good ideas. But now, of […]

HNY 2012

Last night, the horns blew in Astoria. Like, all of them. The coast guard ships, the Alert and the Steadfast, are both anchored at the 17th street dock at the Maritime Museum. That’s about 12 blocks from where we live. At midnight, they sounded their horns, and from what I heard, the merchant ships parked […]

Happy Holidays, Dorkface!

Dave and I were in Portland last weekend, and we did our best to efficiently tackle all our various errands while we were in town. Rather than do everything on the weekend, we wisely decided to wait until Monday, thinking there would be fewer people out being nutjobs with the holidays approaching. We did have […]