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Somewhat Daily Photo 12.22.11

It’s getting to be that time. That’s me, a few year ago. Just a few. I have a few more of these childhood Christmas photos up over on Ye Christmases of Olde. I’d still be pretty excited to get Legos for Christmas.

A Year Ago Today, This Happened

A year ago today, we doubled our dork power and got married. I like to think our benevolent unicorn ancestors looked upon us and smiled. A year already! Holy crap, I love this man.  


Holy crap. We moved. I drove the truck. I wasn’t too freaked out about it. I’ve driven moving vans and trucks before. The little ones. I reserved a ten foot truck, but, ha, they didn’t have ten foot trucks. They only had fifteen foot trucks. We got it for the same price, but I still […]

Camping Season 2011

Dave’s last day of work was yesterday. I haven’t seen him sit still for days. If he stands in one place, he bounces or outright dances. He will deny this if you ask him about it. But I swear internet, it’s true. Long before we had any idea we’d be quitting our jobs and moving […]

What. A. Night.

Timbers home opener. You can click on the image below for super big. We were so ready. It was raining. Hard. It didn’t let up. You can click on the image below for super big. The Army Sings The Anthem from Mile73 on Vimeo. There’s our boys. This is what a win looks like. Click […]