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In the 1990s, when I was in college and waiting tables, I screwed around with my hair quite a lot. It was almost always short, so it seemed pretty low investment if something went tragic with the science experiments I performed on my head. I look back wistfully, and with a little sting of embarrassment, […]

I Never Thought I Was Going To Get Married

I seriously never thought I was going to get married. Even in my early twenties, in the beginning of being of “marriageable age,” with my whole life ahead of me, I didn’t think I would ever be married. I saw people, who seemed impossibly young, pair off and tie the knot. I grew up in […]

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, I was new in Portland, and I met a guy for a beer. Not to sound like a ridiculous cheesy cheeseball, but I was in a new city, I had just gotten a job, I had just moved into my own apartment and it felt like the world was full of possibility. […]

Skiing Mt Hood

I have lived in Oregon for five years, as of yesterday. In that amount of time, I had not gone skiing. In the beginning, it was because I didn’t have the greatest health insurance, and if I broke something, it would be stupid. Later, I realized I was just getting older, and my need for […]

One Year Ago Today…

So one year ago today, Dave and I learned we were going to have twins. It was maybe the most monumental, shocking, earth shattering, terrifying and thrilling day I have ever had in my life. It took weeks, maybe months, for us to fully comprehend how much our lives were going to change. But a […]