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Why Christmas Is Awesome At My House

Christmas is awesome at my house because it has been exactly the same since I was four years old, or, however old I was when I realized that Christmas was awesome. I go home to my parents’ house for the holidays. I am in my mid thirties. When my sister and I wake up on […]

I’m Afraid Of Making Mistakes

I’ve heard a couple stories lately about people who seem to be suffering the ill effects of questionable choices earlier in their lives. I’ve heard about someone with continuous medical issues because of heavy drug use earlier in her life. Or someone else who is frequently in and out of jail for failure to pay […]

When I Turned 21, Part Three

When I Turned 21: Part One, Part Two It was the summer of 1994 and I was stuck on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I had a back breaking job that allowed 4 hours of sleep each night. I shared a tiny dorm room with mean, bitchy girls who hated me, I didn’t […]

Holy Fricken Crap, This Blog Is 2 Years Old Today

Two years ago today, I didn’t know if I’d be moving to Portland or Seattle. Or even Albuquerque. I guess we know how that went. And! And! And! I am so fricken happy to be here. I love Portland! And puppies, too! But who doesn’t like puppies, really? If you don’t like puppies, there is […]

When I Turned 21, Part Two

Right. So, dark gas station parking lot in the middle of the desert in Cedar City, Utah, waiting for a cab. I had been traveling all day from Massachusetts to Utah. It sounds like something horrible should have happened, like with guns or alligators or cowboys or something. I was alone! In the dark! In […]