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Today Is My Sister’s Birthday

She’s turning 30. Five years ago today, my sister and I got tattoos together. At the time, my sister and I were sharing an apartment in Hollywood. I knew she had wanted a tattoo for a while. I gave her about a week’s notice before her birthday to start coming up with designs, because I […]

I Totally Forgot: I’ve Been Here A Year

January 21 was my one year anniversary of moving to Portland. A year! In December 2007, I had just gotten back from a short-lived relocation to the Big Island of Hawaii. I spent a month in the Los Angeles area, visiting friends and staying at my parent’s for the holidays. The plan was to pack […]

I’m A Butt Grabber

I admit it. I’m not proud. I come from a long line of butt grabbers on my mother’s side. It’s near compulsive. Thankfully, however, I have yet to grab a stranger’s butt. Riding public transportation can put the kibosh on such behavior, no matter how deeply ingrained. I grew up in an active household. We […]

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of I started writing this blog a year ago, when I was living on the Big Island of Hawaii. A year ago, my “PLAN A,” which was to open a coffee shop with some friends, was beginning to unravel. Financing was not developing as we had foreseen, and my […]

The Story of Re-Stupid

I, like other semi-literate mouth breathers, have occasionally used the word “retarded” when I actually mean something is “ill advised” or “not well planned.” I know this is horribly insensitive of me. Since I am no longer 13 years old, I make an effort not to use this word except for its actual meaning. It slips out […]