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Regretful Footwear Purchase?

Yesterday, I bought these for $100… To go inside them, I bought these for $40… All because of these…* I have bad feet. Flat, wide duck feet with fallen arches. Besides not being able to wear cute, dainty shoes, it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, not being able to wear cute shoes really IS a […]

For Those of You Not Living In Portland

It very suddenly got chilly this week. I’ve had my windows open since June and I finally closed them. Autumn arrived with a quickness. But Autumn means cute coats! And fuzzy scarves! And apples and pumpkins! And leaves! And other stuff! I love this time of year. Not long out of high school, I worked on a pick-your-own apple farm in […]

September 4, 2007: Freaky

A year ago on September 4, a plane landed on the Big Island of Hawaii. I stepped off that plane with the dream of opening a coffee shop in Kona. My cat went through the 6 month quarantine process and came with me. I put my car on a boat for $1000. I shipped all […]

Undiagnosed Childhood Autism or Aspergers or Something

This is a story from my childhood that is related to camping. It is my mom’s favorite story to tell people we barely know. It’s extra effective because it embarrasses both me and my dad. Perfect for telling my dad’s coworkers at holiday parties, and any prom date I dared bring home. Mercifully, I had […]

Bad Toast = He Loves Me Not

A long, long time ago, I was really into this guy. I was youngish and I sort of had a crush on him. For whatever reason, and I won’t go into details, I was at his place, and he was making breakfast. And breakfast is breakfast, for the most part. There are usually eggs, and […]