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Are You A Yankee or A Rebel?

Find out here. I’m 82% Yankee. Although they phrased it as: “18% Dixie. Wow! You are a Duke of Yankeedom!” Being of stiff-lipped New Englander stock, I’m a little off-put by measuring percentages by how “dixie” I am, or not. It’s not wicked pissah. Here’s another. I’m 100% Yankee on that one. I tend to […]

If You Are Not an Accountant, Or Roman Catholic, This Will Not Be Interesting

And if you ARE an accountant or Roman Catholic, it will still probably not be interesting. No one knows what SAP stands for. It’s a big, fat, bloated accounting program that big companies use. But no one knows what SAP (S-A-P, not “sap”) means. Exciting answer here! And an equally befuddling acronym: CCD. Did you […]

Fun Game

This conversation occurred between Keiko and me while we pulled into a parking space at the Ralph’s in Culver City. Keiko says, “Okay. You have to decide, right now, which car you would rather drive. And you can’t sell it. And you actually have to drive this car everyday.” The tone of delight in her […]

Fantasy Careers, Part I

Looking for jobs while unemployed can be anything from exciting to disheartening to outright depressing. Particularly if you have a sneaking suspicion that you may want to pursue new career paths, but must stick to your current skill set because you’re, um, broke. I need to buy extravagant items, like a microwave. So no sudden […]