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Pain In The Ass People

For a time in 2007, I lived in Hawaii and I worked at Starbucks. I had just quit my relatively well paying job in Hollywood and moved to the Big Island to open a coffee shop with some friends. I didn’t know a thing about running a coffee shop. Though we were living in Kona, […]

All In The Family

The other day, I fondly remembered the family gathering that occurred last year for my sister’s wedding in California. We had grandparents, aunts and uncles all visiting from the east coast. We sat outdoors at my parents’ house, relaxing under the arbor, yakking away in heavy Massachusetts accents. I hadn’t seen my grandparents since 2006. At some […]

I’m A Late Bloomer

My 20th high school reunion was this year. As you might imagine, I didn’t go. Some people have fond memories of high school. I’m not one of those people. I was a nerd. I was sort of smart, but I got shitty grades. I wasn’t ugly or missing any important pieces, but I was skinny […]

The Oddness Started Early

From a very early age, I liked to smell things. Beyond what was normal, I think. Before the age of recollection, my parents tell me I wanted to smell everything. When opening gifts on birthdays and holidays, the first thing I would do is smell the new clothes, or smell the books, or smell the […]

Foot Detoxes Are Bullcrap

I’m a bit of a skeptic. I’m a raging skeptic, actually. I have a pretty low tolerance for foofery, fairy tales, traditional bullcrap, new agey bullcrap or ancient bullcrap. I don’t mind folks who are into it, since 90% of people who really believe in something are well intentioned and downright pleasant. Some people do […]