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A Sick Kitty And Litter Box Adventures

I have a cat. This is a crazy cat lady post. If you’re not into cute, loveable, fuzzy-wuzzy kittiness or cat crap, you may exit now. I got my cat about ten years ago. He was born to a feral mom under a house in Burbank, California. I had friends who tended to the litter […]

Fun With Food Poisoning

I had a discussion not long ago about blogging and my hesitation to write about some topics. I twist and turn over some ideas, debating with myself if I should really spend the time to write about, say, buying a pillow, or hurling a conditioner bottle at my toe in the shower, or my husband […]

Food I Used To Dislike, But Now Like

Okay, I started yesterday’s post thinking that this was what I was going to write about. But the whole lobster thing sort of took over. And am I going to argue with lobsters? Especially lobsters from my childhood? No. I will not fight with lobsters. But here is where that story originated in my crazed […]

Lobster Is Creepy

So. I’m not the most adventurous eater. I’m getting to be more of an adult about food all the time, but I’m working from a legacy of picky eating. My mom was a great cook growing up, but New England isn’t really a garden of exotic culinary delights. The “ethnic” restaurants nearby were Italian and […]

It’s My Hahritage and My Cultcha

We were out with some lovely new friends the other night. One new friend had grown up on the west coast, but had spent some time working in Maine. I’m from Massachusetts, and vacationed quite a bit in Maine as a child, so I was curious to hear about his time up there. He also […]