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You Actually Put These In Your Mouth

I’m not kidding. I wrote a story about poutine râpée, food of my ancestors over here. We tried it so you don’t have to. Also, we have enough poutine gravy packets to last us until Jesus comes.

Ye Christmases Of Olde

While spending Christmas with my family, we dug out some old photos of Christmases past, from when I was just a sprout. As a kid, I think it took me a while to figure Christmas out. Here’s me with Uncle Santa. I don’t think I quite comprehended the concept just yet. Looks like maybe my […]

New Old Familiar

Today in Portland, it was one of the chilliest days yet this season. It was a deeper, stronger chill. This cold felt like the outskirts of winter. It was the first cold that was more than seeping or annoying or unpleasant. This chill had an edge. I needed to go for a quick walk today, […]

Older. Smarter. Crankier.

Not long ago, Dave and I were in the car meandering over the roads of SE Portland, and we passed by the stately campus of Reed College. Dave went to Reed right out of high school. He said it was hard. Very hard. But in a good way. I wondered aloud how I would do […]

Bizarre Collections

Again, on the topic of downsizing. I’m going to be writing about this a lot. It feels like with the economy tanking in the past few years, we all got a collective slap in the face from the manic consumerist orgy we were all living. I mean, at the height, it was considered Un-Goddamned-American to […]