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When Heather Met Dave

To begin, let me make a long story short. In 2007, I was living in Los Angeles. I had lived in LA from the end of 2001 to the summer of 2007. By the end of my time in LA, I didn’t like it much anymore. I was a little desperate to leave. At the […]

Mowing The Lawn Made Me A City Girl

I don’t have a lawn. I have never had a lawn. I haven’t touched a lawnmower since I was a teenager. And when I was a teenager, I HATED mowing the lawn. More than anything. I have absolutely no desire to ever own a lawn. If I buy a house, I will likely rip out […]

Me, Portland: Two Years

Martin Luther King Day was on a Monday in 2008. It was Monday, January 21. That was the day I arrived in Portland. Two years ago. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times that I drove up from the Los Angeles area with my car filled to the roof with boxes. The cat was in […]

Let’s Talk About Crazy People

Specifically, let’s talk about crazy bosses. Have you had a crazy boss? Mercifully, thankfully, praise be to the unicorns, I am not currently dealing with a crazy boss. My current boss is an absolute peach. But it was not always so. I’ve had some crazy, evil bosses in the past. And currently, someone really important […]

When I Turn My Computer Off

I do other stuff. Kinda weird, huh? It’s a canvas painted blue, thumbtacks I painted orange, and white circles I cut out of paper. $30, and an afternoon. I got the idea from over here, but I didn’t want to use doilies. Doilies are offensive. Sometimes it’s terrifically relaxing to just NOT crack my laptop […]