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Our Boys Like To Eat

Ignore, if you can, my voice. This is the voice I use to talk to the babies. All day long. Every day. I imagine it will not be much longer before my voice is frozen like this and my “baby voice” becomes the only way I know how to speak. We are reading Baby Led […]

You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap)

This is a review of our lovely friend Tammy’s book You Can By Happiness (And It’s Cheap). This book has been out for a few months and I’m sort of late writing this review. But trust me, I do think you should go out and get this book, especially in this season of culturally-enforced consumerist […]

Some Pregnancy Books We Actually Liked

As we’ve discussed, the vast majority of pregnancy books and advice out there in the world is pretty crappy. If you weren’t dumb before reading some of this stuff, you’ll certainly be dumb afterwards. The other day, Dave started reading yet another book on twins. It started out being rather interesting, some historical facts, some […]

Cause For Concern?

Here are two books that are being read in our household right now. One of us is reading one book, while the other of us is reading the other. See if you can guess who is reading what. I know! Aren’t we hilarious!?! No! I’m not nervous or panicked at all! Nothing to see here!* […]

Pregnancy Rant Number Three: Stupid Pregnancy Advice For Fricken Idiots

This one is a doozy. I’ve had four months to think about this. And since we had very little actual medical guidance in the beginning (see Goddamned Pregnancy Rant Numero Uno) we jumped into the steaming cesspool of pregnancy advice early. There are, of course, a zillion books about pregnancy. There’s a mountain of them. […]