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I Read News

I will sometimes get world weary and go on a self imposed media blackout. I do this quite a bit during political seasons. Though it does seem like our political discourse is descending into one long, drawn out, red faced, frothy mouthed brawl, with no indicators that it will ever get more civilized. I sometimes […]

Reading The Old Fashioned Way

I belong to a book club with a lovely bunch of ladies who meet once a month. I have missed all their meetings over the summer because I was busy getting married, or watching other people get married. Or we were going to festivals or fairs or just generally rushing around like nuts. Summers in […]

Book Review: Free Range Kids

I have been reading. I’ve actually been reading BOOKS. Not just blogs and twitter and the news. I’ve made the decision to¬† unhook from the news until the election is over. I wonder if the media is just going to get increasingly nuttier every two years during election cycles. And I don’t even have a […]

I Read A Book: The Elegance Of The Hedgehog

So yes. I wrote about granola and left the post up for days and days and DAYS. And yes, I know that if I want people to read my blog and not drift away to read other (probably more interesting) blogs, I should post something every day. Every day! Do you know how often that […]