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They’re Here

Here they are, shortly after being evicted. In this photo, the boys are being held by the very nice hospital pediatrician and a lovely baby nurse. That’s Loyal Astor on the left, and Cascadian Donald on the right. We delivered in the operating room. I was put under general anethstesia, so I was out. Dave was […]

Crafting Is Total Bullshit

Okay, look at this. Cute, right? With the clouds, and the silver raindrops. The clouds are made of gray and white card stock, taped and glued to bamboo embroidery hoops. The rain drops are silver card stock, weighted with metal washers and hung on clear beading fishing line. I made this. I didn’t follow a […]

Thank You

Okay, I’m getting this in now, while I can, while I’m thinking about it, before I explode, and before the next 18 to 26 years when I expect to misplace my brain and become a barely-literate, half-asleep zombie person. THANK YOU. Thank you to friends and family who have been there for us as we […]

New Mommies

My sister just had a baby. She had a baby girl. I am about to have two boys. A whole new world of parental discovery stretches before us like a glittering sunrise.  

It’s My Birthday And I Have Goddamned Cankles

It’s kinda bullshit. 34 weeks. I really, really, really, don’t have much to complain about, in the grand scheme of things. I am not in any outright pain, and I’m not enduring any sort of unbearable suffering. But complain, I shall. Because really, in the grand scheme of things, I can’t think of a better […]