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Please Stand By

While we figure this shit out. Hungry Boys from Mile73 on Vimeo.

Being Pregnant Is Super Trashy

I have spent the majority of my life not being pregnant. I’m pretty good at it. In almost 39 years, I’ve spent the majority of that time not wanting to be pregnant, for whatever reason. I remember the heady days of my twenties, and not having a boyfriend, yet still waking up in a sweat […]

It Was A Nice Day, Except for The Little Shit Who Stole My Three Dollars

We had a lovely, wonderful first weekend back in Portland. We are still in the process of figuring out where everything “fits” in our new place and our 1950s kitchen. Our apartment in Astoria was so huge, and the kitchen was so enormous, we are having to squeeze back down in a deliberate and thoughtful […]

What Trouble Lurks In The Depths?

So. If I were at all worried that I was neglecting the 13 year old boy contingent of my readership, it shall soon be rectified with this post. This post is the inspiration for TWO entirely new categories on this blog, which will be etched into the permanent annuals of the internet: “Here’s a Dumb […]

The “Danger Toilet” At My Parents’ House

We are having a late holiday at my parents’ house in California. I needed to remind Dave of the “Danger Toilet” in the guest bathroom. You see, this toilet does NOT take a licking and keep on ticking. Why would I write about this? A toilet? Well, because it’s not just a toilet. It’s a […]