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Operation Thunder Babies: Life With Twins, Month Two

Okay, so yes, I’m still here. Meaning, I exist, as a “person” in the “world,” though I haven’t been in front of my computer, much less on the “internet.” Because, you know. Babies. Two of them. I was about to write an inventory of my whole day, but then I got exhausted and bored just […]

Happy Due Date

If we had been normal people, the boys would have been born today, or around this day. Today would have been 40 weeks. But of course, with twins, a full gestation is 37 weeks. So they would have likely come before today, even if the end of the pregnancy hadn’t gotten, um, turbulent. The boys […]

Images From Our First Week Home

Cascadian wishes for the motor skills to cover his ears. First bath. They loved it. Oh wait, no, they hated it. But it was still cute. We took them out to the Moreland Farmers Market, because we are Portlanders, and because it’s goddamned wholesome. They slept through it. Thanks to Den Mother @lisepetrauskas¬†for taking photos […]

Home, Feeding Babies and Thank You v2.0

Okay, so we’re home. All four of us. We are a family of four. FOUR. I don’t know how this happened. Dave and I are both home and we are getting adjusted to round-the-clock feedings, 12, 3, 6, 9, am and pm. Right now, it’s a two person job. Cascadian starts complaining a half hour […]

Please Stand By

While we figure this shit out. Hungry Boys from Mile73 on Vimeo.