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Okay, So, I Hate Shopping

We’re back in Portland. We have a new apartment. And every time we move, I have the urge to nest a bit. With twins on the way, my urge to nest is perhaps a bit stronger than usual. We actually haven’t thought too much about baby stuff yet. I’ve been blocking it out, actually. Since […]

Someone Is Excited To Be A Gramma

We got a bunch of packages from California this week. My mom had taken me shopping while I was visiting. There was so many baby clothes, little socks, cute little onesies, soft PJs, I am sure the plane would have crashed if I tried to take it all with me.

Two Words.

TWO BOYS. Holy shit.

Some Pregnancy Books We Actually Liked

As we’ve discussed, the vast majority of pregnancy books and advice out there in the world is pretty crappy. If you weren’t dumb before reading some of this stuff, you’ll certainly be dumb afterwards. The other day, Dave started reading yet another book on twins. It started out being rather interesting, some historical facts, some […]

Pregnancy Rant Number Three: Stupid Pregnancy Advice For Fricken Idiots

This one is a doozy. I’ve had four months to think about this. And since we had very little actual medical guidance in the beginning (see Goddamned Pregnancy Rant Numero Uno) we jumped into the steaming cesspool of pregnancy advice early. There are, of course, a zillion books about pregnancy. There’s a mountain of them. […]