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If You Are My Friend, You Will Do This For Me

Okay, right. So, babies on the way. Are you tired of me yakking about this yet? Are you tired of all the baby bullcrap? Are you worried I’m going to slip into a parent stupor where all I can talk about is our precious little snowflakes and the adorable poopies they make? Really, I am […]

Pregnancy Rant Two: I Never Wanted To Be A Mom

No, really. I still don’t want to be a mom. I’m excited to be pregnant, and it wasn’t an accident. I’m looking forward to our lives with blobby little screamers, then later with kids, but I still don’t want to be a “mom.” When I was in my twenties, especially in my early twenties, it […]

Belly: Week Fifteen or So

I think I could probably sell these to stock photography websites. Here’s me, gazing wistfully, yet calmly, into the middle distance of our living room. Translation: “I am serenely pregnant, and in control of everything in my life.” Also, “There appear to be no shipwrecks within my general vicinity/in my living room.” Here is me, looking a […]

A Little Less Than A Barrel Of Laughs

Note: I wrote this post about a month ago, just as I was just coming out of a deep hormone-induced depression. I feel better now. It was going to happen. It was inevitable. At some point, I was going to descend into that unfulfilled, uncharted and underserved niche of people who get onto the internet and […]

Pregnancy Superpowers

Okay, so in addition to being really klutzy and scatterbrained, I have noticed a few other new and notable functions that pregnancy endows. Some are welcome, and some are unwelcome. Allow me to share. I smell things. I have always had a keen sense of smell. Always. Since I was a kid. I’ve always been a scent-oriented […]