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Goddamned Pregnancy Rant, Numero Uno: Doctor Visits

I have spent the majority of my life not being pregnant. I’m pretty familiar with non-pregnancy. It’s just been the past four months or so of my life that I have dealt with whiplash moods, ambivalent feelings about food, and wondering just how big my belly is going to get. Bigger than a basketball. Bigger […]

“Let Me Show You Something,” Said The Ultrasound Technician

This is the story of how we learned we were going to have twins. We found out that I was pregnant in the usual way. Also, I GOT pregnant in the usual way. We’ve already had a few people casually ask if we used IVF. In the future, when we get this question, I am […]

This Is Going To Change Everything

As we were first getting used to the idea that I was pregnant, technically known as the “Oh Shit” Phase, I wondered about how to write about my¬†experiences. I know there is no shortage of preggo blogs and mommy blogs and earnest, heartfelt, indulgent blogs where people talk about their feeeeelings. It’s actually an amazing […]

I’m Fricken Pregnant. Double Pregnant.

So, hey, I’m preggers. With twins. This is great, happy news, albeit a bit sudden. We decided to start “trying” towards the end of the summer. But we sort of figured it was going to take a while. Like, a year or something. I’m 38 and therefore no longer a spring chicken for baby making. […]

So, This Is Happening

Twins. TWINS. TWIIIIIIINS. Dude. Shit is gonna get crazy around here.