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Air Travel With Twins: It Sort Of Sucks

We’ve taken the boys on two trips involving airplanes. Both times, the anticipation of chaos, gnashing of teeth and full-on armageddon made travel stressful. Dave hates air travel even without babies. So with our twin boys, plus Dave, I clenched my jaw and tried to remain the only sane person in the world. THE WHOLE […]

Trying Not To Laugh

Our guys are fifteen months old. They are spastic little imps. That phrase popped out of my mouth recently. Someone asked me how the boys were doing and that is what I blurted out. “They are spastic little imps.” They have been screaming lately. Babies like to yell, right? They are testing their voices, making […]

Testing The Boundaries Of Our Immune Systems

The guys love the swings. They LOVE the swings. The swings. They love them. There are a couple parks in our neighborhood that have baby swings. These are public parks and they are lovely. The weather in Portland usually turns chilly and dank by October. But we’ve had sunny, gorgeous weather this month. It’s been […]

Milestones: 1,000th Post. And Also…

That’s what this is. the 1000th post on this blog. I’ve been blogging since the end of 2007. I’ve written 448,889 words. Thanks for reading. Blogging is fun. And we had another milestone in our house this weekend. Here’s our guys, eating breakfast. From the beginning, we’ve just given them big people food. Starting with […]

Babies: Where Do They Learn This Behavior?

So, babies. We have two of them. They have behaviors. Some of these behaviors make perfect sense. Like when Cask is insufferably miserable in the heat. The red cheeks. The sweaty hair. The incessant whining. God, this is my kid. I don’t even want people looking at me when I’m hot. Stop it! Stop looking […]