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Twin Personalities In Portraits

That’s funny! That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard! It really wasn’t that funny. In fact, I’m a little concerned.

Camping With Twin Baby Boys: Battle Ground Lake, Washington

Towards the beginning of the year, we pull out a calendar and examine the weekends in the summer. We look at holidays, festivals, street fairs, Timbers matches, then calculate the best weekends to book campsites. We do this months in advance because campgrounds often fill up for the summer. We have to be organized, like […]

OMG: My Boys On The Front Page Of AOL

In the mid 1990s, I had a chunky Packard-Bell desktop. It had goofy plastic speakers that attached to the side of the monitor like misshapen ears. I think it had 8 MB of memory, and half a gig of space. It was my first computer. It was around that time that CD-ROMS for AOL seemed […]

You Gotta Problem, Punk?

We have all been sicky heads this week, starting with Dave, then the boys, now me. We are a family of mouth breathers. Being sick is also wonderful in the summer with no air conditioning. Luckily, the boys are sweethearts even when they aren’t feeling well. Even if they blow bubbles with the snot coming […]

First Trip With Our New Little Camper

It was a comment on one of my blog posts that made me want to check out Paradise Creek. We tend to camp at the same places over and over again, and I wanted to expand our horizons a bit. Like most campgrounds, all the reservable sites filled up for the summer weekends. But Paradise […]